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Increasing Students’ ABCs through Operation Homework: a High-quality Afterschool Program

A student from one of Operation Homework's afterschool program proudly displays a worksheet that he completed.

Operation Xcel offers an outstanding afterschool program called Operation Homework, which is accessible in Guilford and Rockingham counties. The program's primary objective is to aid students in building strong academic and social skills that will improve their capacity to become successful individuals, both presently and in the future. The program seeks to equip students with the knowledge and skills to become responsible citizens who can attain success in college, careers, and in their communities.

Research shows that high-quality afterschool programs can lead to increased Attendance, Behavior, and improved Coursework. These ABCs are critical factors in student engagement and achievement. This means that students participating in a high-quality afterschool program went to school more, behaved better, received better grades, and did better on tests. 

Operation Homework is a program that helps students with their academics, focusing on completing homework, preparing for tests, building social skills, and developing effective study habits. We partner with parents, students, and school staff to create a plan that suits each student's needs and ensures success. Best of all, this program is completely free!

Operation Xcel offers individualized academic assistance, specialized skill-building, and unique enrichment activities for students based on their needs. Afterschool Alliance claims that quality afterschool programs understand that children and youth in different age groups vary in academic, psychological, and physical activity needs. Consistent participation in afterschool programs has shown lower dropout rates and has helped close achievement gaps for low-income students. For older youth, regular participation in an afterschool program may also reduce risky behaviors and help them gain college and career-needed skills.

Operation Homework aims to improve attendance, behavior, and coursework for students in its afterschool program– its ABCs. Enrolling children at the beginning of the school year can help them excel academically and socially.  

Registration is now open for Operation Homework.  Register your child today by clicking on the following link before all spots fill up!