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Domestic Violence Awareness Day is Friday, October 20, 2023

Operation Xcel promotes healthy relationships.  We recognize that domestic violence affects everyone, including children, and can have long-lasting negative effects on their emotional and social well-being.

October has been National Domestic Violence Awareness Month since 1989. It aims to support survivors and victims. Domestic violence is prevalent among all demographics, leading to physical injury, psychological trauma, and even death. Despite progress, 20 people experience physical abuse by their intimate partner every minute. This equates to 10 million abuse victims annually. It affects everyone, including children, and can have long-lasting negative effects on their emotional and social well-being.

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) reports that children who witness intimate partner violence while growing up are three times more likely than their peers to engage in violent behavior and various criminal activities. Being raised in abusive households may lead children to believe that violence is an acceptable way to deal with conflict. As a result, these children are more likely to become involved in abusive intimate partner relationships in the future, either as victims or perpetrators. Children who are exposed to domestic violence during their childhood, which is a form of trauma, are at a higher risk of facing significant health problems as adults, such as obesity, cancer, heart disease, depression, substance abuse, tobacco use, and unintended pregnancies compared to their peers who did not experience domestic violence.

Operation Xcel is committed to community betterment, and we believe that effective conflict resolution skills are crucial for our students. We do not tolerate bullying or aggressive behavior among our staff or students. Our goal is to promote positive relationships and provide a safe environment for everyone, especially those who require additional support due to abusive relationships or exposure to such situations. We stand in solidarity with national, state, and community efforts against domestic violence and support our students in obtaining the necessary assistance if they are victims of or traumatized by domestic violence. Our domestic violence awareness campaign mirrors that of National Today (2023), to raise awareness and encourage everyone to take action, no matter how small, to end domestic violence.  At Operation Xcel, we strive to be the catalyst for that action whenever necessary.

Operation Xcel challenges all connected to its programs to wear purple on Friday, October 20th (Domestic Violence Awareness Day 2023). Wearing purple is a simple way to show support to all those affected by domestic violence while showing commitment to healthy relationships.  Let’s take a stand against Domestic Violence on Domestic Violence Awareness Day 2023!

Click on the link below to access many resources helpful in raising awareness and assisting victims and others affected by domestic violence.