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Parent & Staff Recognition

Parent/Staff of the Month - July 2023

Community, education, leadership! These are foundational elements upon which Operation Xcel relies to equip our youth for the future.  Operation Xcel engages students, parents, and the community to increase educational, social, and career skills through academic enrichment, parenting, and advocacy empowerment workshops.  We also provide access and tools for technology literacy

During the month of July 2023, we asked staff to nominate parents and staff who exemplify either or all the foundational elements—community, education, and leadership.  Operation Xcel Staff submitted names of parents and other staff members along with a brief description of recognizable traits that demonstrate their commitment to the success of the students and the continuous realization of the mission and impact of Operation Xcel.  The staff and parents whom Operation Xcel recognized as Staff or Parent of the Month received gift certificates for their phenomenal achievements.  

Mr. Reed was selected as Staff of the Month because of “the creativity and innovation he brings to our students at Jamestown (Middle School). More than a science teacher, Mr. Reed also mentors the students and challenges them to think deeper! He is continuously creating projects and hands-on learning experiences for our students daily.  He recently created a monopoly board for our students to dig deeper into a forces and motion unit in science”. 

Operation Xcel is proud to have Mr. Reed’s expertise and energy as he role models and educates the children with excellence.  Thank you for stimulating our students’ desire to learn and emulate your drive and passion for learning.  Congratulations, Mr. Reed!

We want to spotlight Jeff and Barbara Pratt who have remained committed to parental “involvement with Operation Xcel for the past 2 years.  They have volunteered for field trips over the Summer and (during the) school year. They also come to the After-school parent night events. They have trusted us with 3 of their children over the past 2 years. Two of the Pratt children have moved on to high school, but one of their children, Lauren Cook, is currently enrolled as a rising 8th grader.  Lauren has been with Operation Xcel since the 6th grade”.  The parents are present to help other children, celebrating their successes just as they do their own children.  

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Pratt for caring about the educational success of all children, not just your own children. 

For 2023 Operation Xcel proudly recognizes Ana Cruz, mother of Eva Flatley from the Stokesdale UMC site, Mary A. Graham, mother of Jacob Graham from the High Point site, Tara Lampley, mother of Cara Lampley from the Jackson site, Barbara & Jeff Pratt, parents of Lauren Cook from Jamestown Middle School, and Robert Arnold, father of Cori and Alan Arnold from the Stokesdale Oak Springs site

Following are the nominations (quoted)…

“... Ms. Cruz always asks if we need anything. She helps with Parent Night.

Ms. Graham (is a) phenomenal parent who gives donations for the summer program and supports center supply needs.

Mrs. Lampley has been part of Operation Xcel since Summer 2022. She has been willing to donate for the needs of the program, whether it be paper towels, toilet paper, snacks, water, etc. Mrs. Lampley takes the time to see what the kids are doing and is genuinely interested in the program. She provides insights and constructive criticism for the betterment of the program and ALL kids, not just her own.

Mr. Arnold is an advocate for Operation Xcel. His twins attend both the Operation Homework After School and Summer Programs. Mr. Arnold has made us signs to go outside in the yard to let people know about our program for free. He makes our banners for free as well. He also attends all Parent Nights and brings his grill to all our showcase events to help cook the hotdogs and burgers. He states that he will forever support Operation Xcel even long after his children are gone.”

Congratulations to all parents for reinforcing the values of Operation Xcel through your leadership and advocacy!  Thank you!